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The non-profit association CARMUNICATION commits itself to fair competition. Our aim: free access to vehicle data for businesses in Europe. Because free access means equal opportunities.


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Why does live automotive data matter?

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CARMUNICATION: How can we help?

CARMUNICATION delivers the data:
allows its members to connect and share data via the CARMUNICATION platform. These data can facilitate services such as diagnosing problems with a vehicle, monitoring handling performance, timely fulfillment of service requirements and many others.

CARMUNICATION members get access to data – and make the deal.

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What are Auto Live Data for?

A modern car is a computer on wheels that continuously generates live data: data on handling performance, fuel consumption, acceleration, mileage, wear and tear and many more. All of these rely on free access to Auto Live Data: service and repair, ordering spare parts and vehicle fleet management. 

But beware: With eCall, some car manufacturers try to secure the monopoly on Auto Live Data.

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CARMUNICATION membership benefits

Here is how members benefit from CARMUNICATION:

  • Secure your access to Auto Live Data.
  • Make use of CARMUNICATION's IT know-how!
  • With your support, we can continue development on the live data platform - so you can focus on your business.

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CARMUNICATION meeting on 10 April 2018

Carmunication Meeting in Hamburg am 10.4.2018 zu sehen sind alle Teilnehmer

(c) Carmunication-Meeting 10.4.2018 in Hamburg (v.l.n.r): Bo Marcusson, Thomas Uicker, Gert Keuschnigg, François Hostalier, Jeroen Poppers, Walter Birner, Simon Kendall, Philip Pauer, Frank Buisson, Robert Stevens, Peter Holzweber, Ives Schaffer, Michael Krampe, Christos Theodosiou, Krunoslav Bagaric, Rolf Roth, Erik Lundtoft, Patrick Grebner, Holger Drewing, Rens Burgerhout, Nils Prochnow, Ingo Sachse, Paul Koch, Clément Pantin

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